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Patricia Jordan, a 34 year-old magazine features writer in Chicago, receives the surprise assignment of her career when she is asked to leave her comfortable adult life in the city to return to her small Oklahoma home-town for a feature series on the local high-school star quarterback, Charles Bowman. Reluctantly accepting, what begins as her plan to lay low and get her job done with a minimum of fuss quickly unwravels into a tangled web mixing her own high-school memories and heartbreaks with people she has long forgotten, but who have not forgotten her. She is forced to confront the most painful history of her youth and expected to forgive the man, Butch Bowman, who hurt her more than she wants to remember. Butch uses all his seductive powers to win her back, despite the intervention of petty jealousies, family power struggles, and old secrets uncovered. Patricia must choose between her old love and her new life and career.
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The characters in "Sooner or Later" are wonderfully written from Artie to Leslie, Harry, and even Patricia’s mom. Melissa Hladik Meyer’s style shines through without giving all her characters the same voice.  Melissa Hladik Meyer writes this story with a great sense of humor that’s evident in just about every sentence.                                                                      
~ Readers' Favorite  ~

Really enjoyed this sweet small town romance. The characters felt very real. The setting was great. The writing drew me right in and I was cheering for Patricia and Butch's happily every after. I was very happy with the way it ended.  
~ Sophie Moss, USA Today Bestselling author  ~

Sooner or Later was a very entertaining book that flies by quickly! Once I started it I didn't want to put it down. It has the perfect mixture of humor mixed in with some romance and a little mystery. I can't wait to see what Melissa writes next!  
~ Amanda G. Meyer  ~