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Navy SEAL Mark Roberts lands in Tampa hot, angry and profoundly single. Trapped behind a desk, his career has taken a sharp turn off course and he’s not sure what infuriates him more—his inability to change his position or the meddling old guy next door, completely unaware that the beautifully young physician’s assistant across the street is about to change everything. Retired Delta Force operator Fred Denning hasn’t had a mission in years, but all that changes when the new guy moves in next door. With a new reason to wake up everyday, Fred sets his alarm and sets in motion his own personal brand of behavior modification. Kathleen Johnson, physician’s assistant and single mom, hasn’t had a proper date in ages. When she meets Mark Roberts, her hot, new neighbor she thinks almost nothing of it. When he saves her from a messy bar fight and she ends up spending the night at his house he captures her full attention and ultimately her heart.
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...Meyer did a fantastic job with this story. It is funny, heartbreaking at times and sweet to the core. She has perfected the slice-of-life art of storytelling. There are no big melodramas between these characters just…life and that makes the story all the more appealing. 
~ Readers' Favorite  ~

Charming characters and pithy dialogue characterize this delightful romance novel. The story is filled with the twists and turns of real-life relationships. I highly recommend this book as it affords the reader many hours of enjoyable and pleasurable reading plus great company.  
~ J. Katz  ~

I loved the memorable characters, two especially who made me laugh out loud. Set in Tampa, Florida, the blend of military and civilian people struggling to find stability and love drew me in and kept me reading and laughing through to the last page. 
~ J.M. Fisher  ~