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A former Spanish teacher and current mother of two teenage boys Melissa’s main job still involves kid taxi service, food acquisition and preparation, leveling piles of laundry, leading the charge against incomplete homework, and making sure someone has fed the cat. In an effort to remain sane and as a counter point to the five o’clock news she writes contemporary romance novels. She holds a B.A from University of Oklahoma and a M.A from Purdue University in Spanish. In her opinion magical realism and contemporary romance have a lot in common and as a romance author she spends her days in pursuit of the ‘happy ending’.
  • I grew up "in the country..."
  • I once rode a pig. Not on purpose, because who would ride a pig on purpose. Like most things in life, corralling pigs into a trailer is not as easy as it looks. And let me tell you when a frightened, panicked, two hundred pound, pink animal chooses the gap between your legs as an escape route and you find yourself lifted off the ground being carried backwards at top pig speed you have no choice but to hang on or let go and fall off. That's the trick with most things in life…knowing when to hold on and when to let go.
  • Emergency cookies. I always have the raw ingredients for a batch of cookies because in the middle of a crisis you don’t always have time to go to the store.
  • Running shoes. If you’re gonna run, you need the right shoes. Everyday I wake up, one eye open the other clamped shut, firmly committed to extra sleep and in that hazy fog of early morning I go through the list. The list of excuses not to put on the sneakers and somewhere around excuse number twenty-four a little voice says ‘just put on the shoes’ and for some crazy reason I do. I don’t go far or fast I just try to keep moving.
  • Music. Music makes everything better.
  • Books. Books make everything better.
  • Why write romance? For me romance is hopeful, happy, and real. Love, friendship, attraction, those human experiences never grow old and like old friends I like to keep them close by.